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June 2009

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longest time between posts for me ever

I know this will forward and post to facebook, so those of you who have talked to me recently can disregard the note since this is mostly to update my live-journal and generally chronicle my life.

I'm MARRIED (and have been for almost 4 weeks). Life was stressful up to that point with the demands of school (which were higher than I thought they'd be), family drama, wedding planning, job searching for after graduation, life in general, and fighting with Dean. It felt like my life was in fast forward in late April-mid May...maybe even through the first week of June since everything was planned up to that point. The fighting decreased once I put my head back on and focused less on school and task oriented things, and back to God and what is more important in life: relationships and general quality...it also helped when we decided to trust God for summer jobs/money. Well, it paid off...we were blessed big time. He got two jobs, I got my break (although I balked at it at first), we had enough money to set up our house (nicer than we though it would be), and now I was accepted for a position that I know I'll enjoy and get experience in. We can even have our pets, although we need to get rid of the dog...he's too big, too much responsibility, and it's won't be fair to him in a few months when we won't be home much and he can't run around in a yard (because we don't have one). ***Anyone want a dog?*** Otherwise we'll have to take him to the humane society and I don't want this good dog to be sitting in a cage.

With all these good things, we can't say there are no problems, that wouldn't be realistic. Neither of us will have health insurance come July 1 (I haven't had it since May, but could still go to student health services until then). We have both had some minor issues, and insurance would be nice to have. We might buy some until I start my job, and I don't know if it will cover him...but we have a few options open still. Another thing is organizing transportation, since we only have one car. We could get a free one from my parents but any of them will take work and money, so we're still in discussion about that. Other things are general married stuff like getting used to having someone there all the time, occasional grumpiness on both parts, and finding ways to work together in everything.