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June 2009

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Merry Christmas, and all around the season

I have to say that the last week or two weeks of my life have been good. This is a great change of pace: nothing serious to complain about past being broke for the moment, and having nothing to stress out about besides the future. I enjoyed hanging out with my family, I actually had more fun than I remember having (with the extended part). I also had fun hanging out with Dean and his family, and was happy we were able to alternate places together. If you care about what gifts I got, I could tell you, but I got enough so that I felt a little uncomfortable. That, which passed, and a few comments about the choice of date for my wedding (and what was implied) were the most stressful parts. I think I may ask to exchange one or two of the gifts (which is part what made me feel uncomfortable), and I'll end up having a chat about the whole wedding thing later.

I'm glad the semester is over, and I don't have a bunch of annoying papers to write, and quizzes for every class period (in on of the classes). I have a list of things I need to do academically before next semester and before graduating, though. I don't plan on walking...it'll just cost money and a little bit of a hassle. Next semester will be busy with violin lessons, busy-work from a 100 level class, random papers, two 400 level classes, as well as 2 little jobs on campus and a possible third off (I still need to re-vamp my resume and apply). I was stressing out about finances a little, but was reassured that even if I have to take out one more small loan, I can depend on God to allow me to afford to live and repay it (and pay other bills) at the same time.

My dad's having his surgery on the 6th, and I'm glad my family has such good coping skills. Most would be freaking out, but we're joking about him asking the surgeon for an upgrade while he's in there. We also have an awesome support system going on in the way of friends, family, and church members. I still plan on helping out afterward though, and pray that there won't be complications. Apparently I can have a little bit of a job while I'm here for the month too in babysitting Dean's grandma and doing a little housework. It depends on how the surgery goes too, though. I'm actually getting tired of waiting for future events to happen and trying to plan around them. I just want to plan them quick, do them, and be done if its something that gets done (that goes for job searching, and my wedding too).

I should probably get some sleep now, but will most likely play peggle...