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June 2009

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The tale

I decided to write the engagement story here so that I don't have to tell it a million times and can point people here at times...

Dean told me before that I would have to wait for him because he wasn't ready to make the commitment, so I wasn't expecting it for the most part. He also told me that we was going to go straight from Eau Claire to the Sonshine music festival we were going to the day it started. I was talking to my parents upstairs and heard my dogs bark like someone was there, but assumed they were just being dogs and my dad went outside while I went to my room to continue packing for the festival. I heard a tap on my window and thought it was my Dad, but it was Dean...I was obviously surprised (and flabbergasted). My dad was at the top of the stairs, and acted like he didn't see anything, and then Dean asked if I wanted to go for a walk. I was barefooted and practically in my pajamas (shorts and a tank top), but went right then anyway. He asked if I wanted to go to any special place I wanted to take a guy...I had one by the river in town, but said that where we were was fine. I thought that his question was peculiar, and was curious but went along with it because he's a romantic and I assumed he just was being romantic. We walked on the paved road talking and stopped by an open field that had a pond, and a pretty view of the almost full moon and stars. we talked for awhile, then he got into a speech about commitment and how he has to jump into things. Then he said "so here I am jumping in to it" as he went down to one knee and went for his pocket. He asked and I did what every guy dreads and hesitated to think (while mentally freaking out...in a good way). After mumbling that I was terrified I said "Okay. I guess so". He got up then we hugged and admitted that we both felt a little lost and clueless so we prayed. We started walking back and were talking more, and he asked for a more formal answer (the actual "yes, I'll marry you") on the way, which I gave. We came back, I texted Becca, we changed our facebook statues (because it isn't official until you change facebook, of course), and talked to my parents, siblings, and a friend who IMed me.

So there you go... the story. : )