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June 2009

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update as of the end of June

I've gotten a summer job...the type of job that I dreamed of a few weeks before. It's been hard learning something so new that deals directly with others...it requires me to think fast, get my facts down, challenge my perfectionism, and learn to turn to God when I'm scared or nervous. This job definitely gets me nervous...probably because of it's constant unpredictability as well as the large amounts on information I need to pick up very quickly to be successful. I'm still not sure I want to do this my whole life...I like variety and there are other reasons. Anyway, tonight was my roughest night yet and was also my shortest shift thus far...ironic considering yesterday was a 14 hour day and went very well. I'll have to see how working overnight goes...

I still don't know my purpose for the summer. My life seems to be revolved around my job for the, and I don't quite like it that way. I was hoping to get involved with my church more and hang out with friends. The problem with that is I work random hours and have to do it around my work schedule (which can be as much time as 14 hours or more in a day depending on how he day went)...plus I don't usually have a car to go places. It'll be nice when I go back to being a college student...I'll have time to myself, to spend with friends, and to serve, plus I'd have a more sturdy schedule. I suppose my job won't give me much time to miss people or miss talking to them (specifically Courtney who's at camp, Dean who's going back to WI and will probably be busy, in depth conversations with Becca, and others).